I have been performing professionally for over 30 years, both as a solo act and in various bands.  My style has best been summed up by one fan, who said I sounded like a combination of Dan Fogelberg, Paul Simon,  and the Eagles.  I appreciated that - after all, they are three of my biggest influences.  My other influences have been The Beatles, Elton John, Gordon Lightfoot, Don McLean, Jackson Browne, Tom Petty,  Bruce Cockburn,  CSNY,  Joni Mitchell, and Roger McGuinn.

I credit my mother for nurturing my love for singing, and for teaching me at an early age how to sing harmony.  She had a natural gift and helped me develop an ear for harmony singing.  I credit Don McLean, Dan Fogelberg, and Paul Simon for "teaching" me how to play guitar, and Fogelberg for "teaching" me how to play piano.  Though I never met any of them, they have been great music teachers for me.

Songwriting has been a fun, therapeutic, relational, frustrating, exciting, inspirational and even a spiritual experience for me.  I started to write seriously when I was 18, inspired by Elton John and George Harrison.  They more than anyone caused me to want to write.  I admired Harrison putting his whole self into his music, unabashedly including his spiritual themes. Elton John’s music touched me tremendously, especially his song, “Bennie and the Jets”, with the mood that song created in me.


Many writers will tell you they didn’t really write their songs - they were merely the one the song found when it was ready to be heard.  I subscribe to that theory.  I don’t know why or when, but songs have found me over the years and I’ve done my best to bring them to life.  I love many of them, some drive me nuts - and some I’m not sure I even fully understand the meaning of!  Nonetheless, I can’t imagine my life without songwriting.  It is one way I’ve tried to make sense of life.

Originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, I now make my home in the Cleveland area.  From the 3rd grader with shaking knees singing his first solo (Silent Night, in the school play), through the college coffeehouse scene, through many  taverns, bookstores, weddings, private parties, etc.,  I still enjoy performing both cover songs and originals for you.  I greatly appreciate all of you who have listened over the years - thanks for your support.

I am pleased to announce the release of my CD “Hours Ago”, available for download on this site.

I am currently in the studio working on my next CD, tentatively titled, “Poems For Guitar”.